Athens-Thessaloniki by Train in 3.5 hours

Athens will come … even closer to Thessaloniki, Greece. From 2017, those who chose to travel by train will be able to make the Athens-Thessaloniki route in just 3.5 hours.

According to an announcement from ERGOSE, a subsidiary of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE), a contract was signed for “the restoration and upgrading of the telecommanding and signaling system, and the replacement of 70 switches in the train line linking Athens – Thessaloniki – Promahonas.” The ERGOSE and Tomi Consortium – Alstom Transport SA contract further includes signaling work, telecommanding and rail infrastructure, as well as superstructure work.

The budget for the upgrade reaches 52,753,400 euros.

The project includes:
• Restoration and remediation of signaling – telecommanding systems so that they can return to good working conditions, as well as their upgrade.
• Installation of a fiber optic cable.
• Protection of copper wiring from theft or sabotage.
• Upgrading the stations between Oinoi – Davlia and between the village of Domokos and the city of Larissa.
• Restoration of the train route from Thessaloniki to Kilkis, in the part between Nea Philadelphia and Gallikos.



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