Greek Regions With the Most Aged Population

The mountain villages of Epirus and Thessaly regions have the most aged population in Greece.

As Greek newspaper “Ethnos” reported, according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), in the age map of Greece, the “champion” in the number of elderly people is the municipality of Central Tzoumerka in Epirus, where the average age of the residents is 57.9 years. In contrast, the “youngest” municipality is Fili in Attica, with an average age of 35.5 years.

The younger population is concentrated in areas with a high presence of roma (gypsies), cities with universities and towns created in the last decade. Epirus and Thessaly are two of the country’s regions where young people are more likely to abandon and move to larger towns and cities.

According to labor union GSEE, the municipality of Pallini in 2001 was one of the most ‘aged’ in Greece but today is the ninth most ‘youthful’ with the average age of population at 37.2 years. Data shows that the exact opposite applies to the island of Kimolos: Out of 650 residents, only 46 are 5-18 years old and the municipality is currently the second most aged in the country.

Most aged municipalities in Greece (in years)
Central Tzoumerka (Epirus) 57.9
Kimolos (Cyclades) 55.7
Gortynia (Peloponnese) 54.8
Argithea (Thessaly) 54.3
Plateau Lasithi (Crete) 54.1
Plastiras Lake (Thessaly) 53.6
Dodoni (Epirus) 53.6
Georgios Karaiskakis (Epirus) 53.3
Agrafa (Evrytania) 53.3
Northern Tzoumerka (Epirus) 52.8
Amphipolis (Central Macedonia) 52.8

Youngest municipalities in Greece (in years)

Fili (Attica) 35.3
Evosmos-Kordellio (Thessaloniki) 35.9
Aspropyrgos (Attica) 35.9
Rethymno (Crete) 36.2
Acharnes (Attica) 36.8
Kos (Dodecanese) 36.9
Xanthi (Thrace) 36.9
Mykonos (Cyclades) 37
Pallini (Athens) 37.2
Miki (Thrace) 37.2


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