New York Times Dedicates Article To New Attica Prefect

The New York Times have dedicated an article on newly elected prefect of Attica and member of the left-wing SYRIZA party, Rena Dourou.

“Look at this place,” Dourou said. “It will take me until Monday just to get from my desk to the door. And downstairs, you should see the space people are working in. I am not saying this because I am leftist. People need space to do proper work.”

“But for the time being, Ms. Dourou’s election as prefect, the rough equivalent of the governor of New York, represents the party’s biggest victory so far,” the article says.

“Petite and blond, Ms. Dourou ran an American-style campaign, going door to door, something most Greek politicians avoid out of fear of being assaulted by angry citizens,” the article continues.

The Attica prefect says she would like to have children but, for now, her hands are full. “I don’t want to just dump the kid on my mom to raise,” she stated.

As Dourou settles into office, she says her goal is simple: To create an open, functional government without corruption and back-room deals that have been a way of life in Greece. “At the end of five years,” she said, “the government of Attica will be like a government in other countries.”

The article — which also features biographical details — adds that Dourou has already made headlines in Greece for a public argument she had with the central government over the future of thousands of municipal workers in her region as she is refusing to hand over their files for inspection.

“Employees are going to have a harder time,” Dourou said. “You have to be strict to get anything done. But I will do it my way.”


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