Greek Professions Most Devastated by Unemployment

unemployment6After six years of the recession’s relentless battering of the Greek economy, unemployment continues to be a major societal problem. Unemployment rates may vary survey-to-survey, but all lead to the same troubling conclusions.

Record-high unemployment in Greece has not spared a single profession; job sectors that have remained intact or suffered minor unemployment setbacks are virtually nonexistent.

November 2011 data on the Greek labor market collected by the Hellenic Statistical authority (ELSTAT) helps reveal the true contours of the problem.

According to, ELSTAT figures show that the crisis that has rocked the Greek economy is far from over, despite the brief spell of unemployment that was recorded this year for the first time since 2010.

Unemployment has typically damaged professions with low or no specialization. The 10 professions most damaged are the following:

  • Store employees
  • Builders and other laborers in the constuction industry
  • Waiters and bartenders
  • Cleaners and helpers in houses, hotels and offices
  • Gardeners
  • Car, van and motorcycle drivers
  • Secretaries
  • Operators of industrial machinery
  • Workers in the re-sizing sector
  • Other unskilled workers

Other professions hit by the crisis include: farmers, doctors, engineers, secondary school teachers, artists, fishermen, helpers in nursing and obstetrics sector, CEOs and managers.


  1. Most of the 10 “professions” are being paid cash and not subject to scrutiny of the taxing authority. Therefore these statistics if you wish to call them that are skewed. There is no question the economy is on German funded life support, the issue is when will the EZ-IV be removed and we can survive on our own.

  2. Elstat was the organization that gave fake results for the greek economy around 2009 as i remember. So the reality is that unemployment is over 50%. The baptise unemployed workers with 300 euros per month in order to keep the rate low. Be patient. Elections are coming soon…