Kouvelis Re-elected President of DIMAR



Fotis Kouvelis was re-elected president of Democratic Left (DIMAR) at the party’s congress on Sunday with 68.34% of the vote, receiving 503 out of a total of 745 votes.

Rival candidate Dimitris Loukas received 155 votes or 21.01% of votes cast, while 79 delegates or 10.71% abstained.

The result is anything but a triumph for Kouvelis, who was the party’s undisputed leader until the recent European parliamentary elections, in which his party recieved a mere 1.2% of the vote, leading to an ongoing crisis within the party ever since.

After the result was announced, Kouvelis said that DIMAR is back to the political life and wants to meet its obligations toward society in order to bring the country out of the crisis with its people ‘still standing.’

“It is a force of responsibility for change and will strive steadfastly, with its positions and ideas, for solutions to the country’s major problems,” he said.

The results of a vote to elect the party’s new Central Committee are expected to be announced late on Sunday night.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. This is like voting for Edward J. Smith to remain Captain while his Titanic slips under the waves with less than 1% of the popular vote..