Albanian Immigrants Leave Greece

    Immigrants Massively Leaving GreeceA large number of Albanian immigrants in Greece are returning to their country because of the financial crisis, unemployment and reduced wages.

    According to figures released on Tuesday by Albania’s Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), in the period 2009-2013 about 133,544 immigrants, mainly from Greece and Italy, returned to Albania. INSTAT reports that 70.8% of migrants came from Greece and 23% from Italy.

    INSTAT figures also show that the average age of migrants returning home is 38.6 years. The number of Albanian immigrants returning to their country increased after the beginning of the financial crisis in 2011.

    The Greek Statistical Service (ELSTAT) shows that the number of Albanian nationals who left the country in the period 2011-2012 amounted to 133,787. Moreover, the number of bank deposits from non EU citizens, mainly depositors from Albania, has decreased by 30 billion euros during the past 4 years, with deposits down by 3.5 billion in the period June 2013-June 2014 alone.

    Data by Social Security Fund (IKA) show that the number of Albanian nationals insured in 2009 reached 121,902, while at the end of 2013 the number decreased to 85,893. The greatest drop was observed in the construction sector, where just one-third of those insured in 2009 are still registered, since construction is the sector most affected.



    1. They cannot be “immigrants” if they are returning to their country. Therefore we must assume they are “migrants”. This word-smithing is getting rather ridiculous. We should correctly call them for what they are, illegals. Frankly on the whole subject I believe the ELSTAT figures as much as I do Samaras’ statements on no new bailouts-austerity.

    2. Not all illegals, many own and run successful businesses, and lots gainfully employed and paying their way. I have heard of Brits who work the system in Greece, pay no tax and not registered as being Greece. Pot and kettle I think.

    3. At least they were white and some were Christian unlike the Pakistani and Bangladesh with jihadist ideals

    4. but albanias are mostly Muslim and/or tribal minded just like them…not to mention Albanians are amongst the largest group within Europe joining the jihadists (many news sources confirm this)…from a security standpoint as well therefore…good riddance

    5. “many own and run successful businesses”, they are not leaving that is the point. Many are leaving as the employment they had they have lost because of the unemployment rate as you say is over 27%, and yes some are in Greece without papers and so are illegal and rightly should return to their own country. I think your statement “We should correctly call them for what they are, illegals.” is tarring them all with the same brush and totally unfair and not correct.

    6. Going back to my statement, if they are illegally in the country what should they be called; Migrants, Immigrants, Visitors, Lost Tourists, Vagrants? If they own and run successful businesses pay taxes (highly questionable) and illegally in the country would that be adequate tot give them resident status? The correct answer to both questions should obviously be NO. If the barriers to entry are lowered every merchant of fraud and human traffickers would be delivering boat and truck loads of illegals to go forth and as you said “work the system”.

    7. After sending back to Albania BILLIONS of Euros.
      They are going to come back anyway, as soon as Greece recovers.


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