Greek Products Dominating the US Market

Greece is one of the largest exporters to the US in a range of alimentary products like olives, fish, legumes, and cheese as well as a number of manufactured goods like pipes and razor blades.

In 2013, olive exports to the US reached $100 million. In some product ranges the contribution of Greek exports reaches 73.2% while basic competitors for Greece in this market are Turkey, Italy and Spain.

Greece holds the reigns in such categories as farmed fish, like sea brim and bass, with 58% and 54.2% in 2013. What is more surprising is that Greece is the chief exporter of beans to the US, whether dry or preserved, with 68.8% of the market share, leaving Mexico and Italy behind.

In terms of cheese, whether made of cow or sheep’s milk, Greece was the third largest exporter after Spain and France in 2013.

Greece’s firsts are not limited to alimentary goods. In 2013, Greece was by far the chief exporter of pumice, getting a 53.8% of market share. Greece also supplies the American market with pipes for gas and oil pipelines with a net worth of $55.7 million from $115 million in 2012.

Greek products dominating the US market

Olives 73%, main competitors Italy, Turkey, Canada

Beans 68.8%, main competitors Mexico, Honduras, China

Sea Brim, 58%, main competitors Cyprus, Turkey

Bass 54.2%, main competitor Turkey

Pumice 53.8%, main competitors Iceland, Mexico, China

Figs 37.1% (fresh & dried), main competitor Turkey

Cheese from sheep’s milk 29.8%, main competitors Spain, Israel

Iron & steel pipes 26.4%, main competitors S. Korea, Germany, Japan

Razor blades 25.5%, main competitors Mexico, China

Peaches 20.1%, main competitors China, Chile, Australia


  1. This is completely false. Where are the sources for this article?

    Greece is the second exporter of prepared or preserved olives to the USA, with 15.3% of the market share. Spain is first with 55.7%.

    As for beans, in most categories Greece is not even on the list. The highest one I could find was 0.2% for small white beans.

    This is irresponsible reporting; some fact-checking would be a good idea.

  2. If Greece was the top importer of beans to the USA, all of Greece would be one big bean field.