The New Syntagma Square in Athens

syntagma squareFinally, Syntagma Square, the great cultural focal point of downtown Athens in Greece, has been fully restored following years of vandalism and rioting.

The last few years of political protest have seen the Square’s marble tiles dismantled, its fountains destroyed and its statues covered in graffiti. The recent restoration project has gone a long way in returning the Square to its original beauty and urban grace.

The municipality of Athens, with the financial support of a private sponsor, proceeded with the replacement of all damaged marble, benches and fountains, including the Square’s great central water sculpture. The Square’s vertical sides have also been restored, as well as the various gardens and shrubbery.

The project’s chief financier is Thanasis Laskaridis, owner of the Grande Bretagne and King George historic hotels, located at Syntagma Square.


  1. If Greece does many place restorations and facelift all over the country it will make that expense back from tourism. Beauty always attracts more and more.

  2. Anarchists and SYRIZA demonstrators (vandals) are going to destroy everything again anyways, as they did in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
    Place CCTV everywhere, police at every corner, and start filming during ‘demonstrations’ (vandalisms). Then send them the bill.


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