Greek Government Takes Steps to Tackle Ebola Virus

ebola-virus-outbreakIn an effort to stem any potential Ebola virus outbreak within Greece, the Greek Ministry of Health is redoubling its efforts to reinforce the country’s borders and stock its hospitals.

According to a recent Ministry of Health statement, the Secretariat of Public Health is planning on taking vast new measures against the Ebola virus. The national plan will include thorough checks on ships and aircrafts coming from African countries where the virus has spread – thus far, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

Passengers onboard flights which have come from any of these locations, or those who have passed via Greek airports to a secondary destination, will be required to complete a specific questionnaire which will document their epidemiological data – taking note, for example, if the passenger had travelled to one of the infected countries or if they displayed any suspicious symptoms.

Furthermore, workers at Greece’s Thessaloniki and Athens airports, as well as at the port of Piraeus and other islands which serve as major gateways for illegal migrants, will be reinforced with special gloves and masks. Human resources, especially health professionals, will also be designated for these entry ways.

The operational plan – agreed to by the Greek Ministries of Health, Public Order and Shipping – also addresses people who work in those public health units which will be called on to deal with any possible instances of the Ebola virus. Nurses, doctors and other employees have already been invited to “refresh” their knowledge of personal protection and hygiene measures in order to nullify the chances of Ebola transmission through the health system – as happened recently in Spain.