Greek Opposition Parties Agree on Law Motion over ‘Red Loans’

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Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, revealed today during a meeting with ANEL president Panos Kammenos, that he is willing to support the law motion over the so called “red loans,” planned by the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party, in the event that it is tabled in Parliament.

“ANEL’s law motion over the red loans is similar to our program,” said Tsipras, underlining that the two parties have a a lot in common in their approach to ending the memorandum policies of the current coalition government of New Democracy and PASOK.

“Despite that, there are obviously many other issues in which the two parties do not share similar approaches. However, should the Parliament president bring the law motion under vote, we will approve it. We had the chance to discuss the necessary steps that need to be taken for restarting the economy, and the necessary — from our point of view — convergence of various political powers, from different angles, in order to rapidly stop the catastrophic policies of the memorandum and proceed with the economy’s recovery, mainly by supporting smaller and middle class businesses, households also including the thousands who —  statistically proven — live below the poverty line, due to all these negative records our country holds. In any case, every single one of us should back this effort in order to reverse this dramatic reality for the majority of our people,” Tsipras said.

Adding to that, Kammenos described this agreement as a first step for people to see that there is an alternative solution, which is not dependent on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Furthermore, he repeated that his party is not willing to support the coalition government in the upcoming presidential election.