House Investigations Allowed Only with the Presence of Prosecutor

    houseGreek Supreme Court deputy public prosecutor Nikolaos Pantelis announced that tax authorities’ investigation in citizens’  houses and offices will only be allowed with the presence of a prosecutor.

    Pantelis, in opposition with the opinion of the plenary of the Legal Council of State, stressed that house investigation with a simple order by a prosecutor but without the presence of a judicial officer is unconstitutional.

    Pantelis noted that according to the Constitution’s article 9: “Every person’s home is considered an asylum. The private and family life of each individual is inviolable. No house investigation is allowed except when  required by law and always in the presence of representatives of the judiciary power.” Moreover, the violation of privacy and family life induces sanctions against offenders and their obligation to compensate the victim.

    According to the law, any place used for accommodation, even for work that is not accessible to everyone, is regarded as residence.