Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Greece by Mid 2015

Greece will launch free nationwide wifi in 2014The Greek Ministry of Infrastructure estimates that the first 4,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots will be ready in mid 2015.

The wi-fi hotspots will be initially providing free internet connection to 100 archaeological sites and museums, as well as 200 ports and marinas.

People will be able to connect to the internet for 30 minutes, provided that they are within 20 meters from the access point when indoors and 100 meters when outdoors. Each access point will be able to serve 40-50 users simultaneously.

The project, totaling 15 million euros, has been applied for by four companies: OTE, TELESTO, COSMOS BUSINESS SYSTEMS, ZTE HELLAS and INTRACOM.

According to the Ministry, “This is the biggest effort, internationally, on a coverage area basis and its practice is going to be an example for the European Union”.


  1. What free WiFi will help the poor and the unemployed with? People need some form of real help, the country in need of real professionals and foreign investors to revive IR’s shattered economy and not a free WiFi. We need jobs, real jobs that can pay real money to help us live like humans not like animals with 300euro per month.


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