Why Do Young Greeks Vote for Golden Dawn?

Young Greeks Golden DawnAccording to research conducted by the sociology department of Athens’s Panteion University, the Greek youth who voted for Golden Dawn in the 2012 elections consider themselves nationalists. In general, they espouse their love for Greece above everything, loathe the labels “fascist” and “neonazi,” and insist on being called patriots.

Head researcher Alexandra Koroneou said that, “the widely used argument that young people turn to Golden Dawn because they are poor is not accurate. The survey shows that there are other factors that make Golden Dawn appeal to some young people.”

Supporters of Golden Dawn believe that it is the only political party that operates outside the corrupt political system. Speaking to Eleftherotypia newspaper, Koroneou quotes a young female Golden Dawn supporter: “Politicians are only interested in their well-being, their prosperity; they are the ones responsible for our suffering because the only thing they care about is votes and money.”

Young Golden Dawn voters also believe that left-wing parties – SYRIZA in particular – are in on the political corruption. They consider left-wing parties “hypocritical” because they pretend that they are not part of the political system. They also disagree with the Left on the issue of illegal immigration.

Very few young Golden Dawn voters believe that second and third generation migrants can be considered Greek citizens. Young Golden Dawn voters also believe that migrants take jobs that should belong to Greeks.

The research was conducted as part of a European Union program called MYPLACE (Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement). Fourteen European countries participated in the program.



  1. The Hellenic youth is with Golden Dawn, and so the future of Greece will be guided by Golden Dawn.

    Some excerpts from below linked article.
    In the June 2012 elections, Golden Dawn was the second most popular party in the 18–34 age group.

    The quantitative survey was conducted in 2013 and involved 1,200 questionnaires being sent to young people aged 16–25 in the Attica region, which includes Athens. The researchers also conducted 60 semi-structured interviews with young voters and facilitated 15 intergenerational group discussions.

    “The research brings to light a number of other parameters that show Golden Dawn’s impact on a part of the youth and it highlights the strong ideological identifications of new voters with the ideology that the party represents.

    Koronaiou believes that Golden Dawn has reaped the benefits of targeting the youth at various levels. “Golden Dawn’s systematic infiltration and propaganda in schools and other spaces frequented by young people in their leisure time (such as fitness studies, soccer, camping, musical bands) has paid off. The youth is a tremendous force, whose ‘conquest’ all fascist and Nazi movements and parties gave great importance. ”She quotes from Golden Dawn’s own website to show the importance the neonazi party places on younger generations. In November 2012, one article said: “A generational battle is certain in the next election, with the vast majority of new voters supporting Golden Dawn.” Another proclaimed: “We have taken the youth from you, once and for all.”

  2. Many investigations have been published to outline the demographic ‘profile’ of Golden Dawn’s voters. A large number of similar studies have also been conducted, but strangely enough have not been published. This information is being withheld on purpose to prevent the public from understanding the depth and extent of the Golden Dawn phenomenon.The latest research, published by “Eleftherotypia” and prepared by the Panteion University is the last “nail” in the “coffin” of kleptocracy after confirming what we have known all along: That the Greek Youth fanatically supports the Golden Dawn !In many of the MSM’s investigations, the economic crisis has been ‘identified’ as the main reason for the rise of the Golden Dawn. This is further reflected by one of George Soros’ institutions which released a book ‘specialising’ in this very subject. The truth however, as revealed by the Panteion study, is that the Greek youth strongly identify with the NATIONALIST IDEOLOGY of Golden Dawn.
    This is highly disturbing for the kleptocracy, but highly encouraging for the future of Greece. It is also worth mentioning that voters of other parties, specifically 64.7% of New Democracy, 43.6% of Syriza and 50% of the Communist Party all agree with the position of Golden Dawn that Hellenism is primarily and exclusively a matter of ethnic origin.Golden Dawn is recognised by the Greek youth as a healthy part of society, and the only political force that fights corruption, kleptocracy of the system & illegal immigration. Despite the media smear campaign against Golden Dawn, which covers all the TV Channels, newspapers and radio stations, the Greek youth still relentlessly support us.Even the newspaper that published this article is a personal ‘favourite’ of leftist terrorists, and presents the research as a major social ‘concern’. Unfortunately for the kleptocracts and the ‘centre left’, Golden Dawn continues to capture the hearts of the youth, and has secured firm support in the future of this nation.

  3. If every Greek is to blame for “Mazi ta fagame” then how come only the Politicians live in Villas and the rest of the Greeks are poor? The arithmetic can not support your theory to blame all for the actions of a few.
    Certainly The billions of Euros went to a few pockets only.

  4. Youth vote for GD because they have a scrutinising mind
    They can see through all the spin churned out by Samaras, media and the Jewish lobbies.
    They have seen democracy used as a rag.
    They have seen the corrupted judiciary.
    They have seen the fabricated charges.
    They have seen the tapes to prove this.
    They have seen the hunger and angwish.
    They have seen the suicide.
    They have seen their jobs disapear.
    They have seen the illegal immigrants
    They have seen the media omitt ILLEGAL from immigrant in a way to somehow justify their presence.
    They see the attack on Hellenism.
    They see the Samaras/ Troika coalitions blatant disregard for Greeks.


    They have lived breathed and felt it all the way to their Greek souls.

    Just a point.
    Why wouldnt the lenders put in a package to stimulate the economy in all this austerity?
    The best way to increase tax revenue is to inrease jobs.Not destroy them.


    The major political parties around the globe no longer represent the people.
    Thats why you see so many elections with no clear majority anymore.
    They have become irrelevent and beholden to speacial intetests.

    People across the Globe ask what is a PASOK ?
    Is it an ancient game played with a wooden spoon ?
    They also ask what is Syriza?
    Is some disease of the liver ?
    They have no clue who they are.

    But they do know the world famous Golden Dawn .

    They know that it stands for Greece.
    They know it stands for justice.
    They know it stands against corruption.
    They know it stands against world usery..
    They know it wants to secure its borders.
    They know its the only party representing the Greeks, their heritage and land.
    They know who the political prisoners are.

    They wait in anticipation for any news on GD.
    They wish them victory.
    They wish them victory because it will give them hope.

    They will have their victory.

    They respect the world famous Golden Dawn.

    Mainstream politics is soon to be finished.
    They have gutted, theived, used, spoilt, divided not only our lands on a global scale but our souls.
    Time to rid ourselves of this abomination.

    Time for change

    Time for change