Tooth Decay Poses Major Problem for Greek Teens

dental-problemsAccording to a recent survey conducted by the Hellenic Dental Association (EOO), approximately 85% of teens in Greece suffer from tooth decay. The report, presented this Wednesday, showed that only 16.3% of 15-year-old Greeks are not plagued by tooth decay.

Furthermore, the study revealed that 27.7% of 12-year-olds are free of tooth decay, while the number in 5-year-old children rose to 42.4%.

EOO’s study was conducted on a sample of 6,794 children and teens and it revealed that children from migrant families are more prone to having problems with their teeth. Just 26.2% of migrant 5-year-old children have no tooth decay problem.

“The study’s figures show there is a need for a targeted health policy,” said EOO president Athanasios Katsikis.


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