SYRIZA Retains Lead Over New Democracy

greek-polls-pulseSYRIZA has maintained its lead over New Democracy, according to a new poll by Public Issue, which shows that the Greek opposition party retains an 8.5% lead over its conservative rival.

SYRIZA is in first place with 35.5%, down from the 36% it held in September. New Democracy gained two percentage points, now ranking second with 27%. To Potami comes third with 10.5%, followed by the Communist Party (KKE) with 6.5%, PASOK with 6%, Golden Dawn with 6%, Independent Greeks with 3% and the Democratic Left with 1%. The percentages of all other parties added up to 4.5%. Greece’s third most-popular party is To Potami with 10.5% (9.5%), followed by the KKE 6.5% (6.5%), PASOK with 6% (5.5%), the Golden Dawn with 6% (7.5%), the Independent Greeks with 3% (4%) and DIMAR with 1% (1%). All other parties added up to 4.5% (5%).

Based on these numbers, the distribution of seats in the Greek Parliament runs as follows: 144 for SYRIZA, 71 for New Democracy, 28 for To Potami, 17 for KKE, 16 for Golden Dawn, 16 for PASOK and 8 for Independent Greeks.

The projection of victory poll shows SYRIZA in the lead with 66%, followed by New Democracy with 22%. When asked who is best suited to be prime minister of Greece, 41% of respondents vouched for Antonis Samaras, 30% for Alexis Tsipras and 30% for “neither.”

Meanwhile, 55% of respondents believe that early elections are not necessary; 43% of respondents believe they are probably necessary. Three percent did not have an opinion on the matter.

Meanwhile, a similar poll conducted by Alco shows SYRIZA with just a 4.4% lead over New Democracy. Alco shows Golden Dawn in third place and To Potami in fourth with 4.5% of the votes, followed by KKE with 4.3%, PASOK with 4% and Independent Greeks with 2.9%.



  1. having seen Syriza’s policies, its fair to say, that a vote for them will result in a massive increase in muslim refugees being granted citizenship in greece, just as leftists have done so in italy via Renzi’s mare nostrum – i am no supporter of golden dawn but Syriza are an insult to my ancestors that died for a free orthodox greece

  2. Evidently ruling parties get afflicted with austerity disease soon after taking power as the electorate seeks different ways to escape from its effects. Perhaps it is Syriza’s turn next as irrespective of the political dispensation chosen next, there is no escaping the dire economic condition for a long time.

  3. Once again the pollsters show their personal political slant of where they would “like” the parties to be. However as is always the case as election near they must protect their reputation by revealing where the vote will most likely be. So for the time being we’ll enjoy and laugh at the pollster’s fantasy. Before March we should be seeing a very different lineup.

  4. You have to also remember that in the weeks, and days prior to the May 2014 EU elections polling agencies were showing To Potami as either neck and neck or ahead of Golden Dawn. In the actual EU elections however Golden Dawn scored 9.4% and To Potami scored 6.6%

    On the 22nd of October polling agency Pulse RC released the results of a poll placing Golden Dawn in 3rd place. The results are below.

    ΣΥΡΙΖΑ 28,5%, ΝΔ 23,5%, Χρυσή Αυγή 7,5%, ΠΑΣΟΚ 7%, Το Ποτάμι 6,5%, ΚΚΕ 6%, Ανεξάρτητοι Έλληνες 3,5%.

  5. You have to remember that in the weeks and days leading up to the May 2014 EU elections, most pollsters were showing To Potami as being either neck and neck or ahead of Golden Dawn. At the actual EU elections however, Golden Dawn ended up scoring 9.4% whilst To Potami scored 6.6%.
    At the May 2014 Municipal elections Golden Dawn scored 16.3% in Athens whilst To Potami didn’t even register.

    On October 22nd polling agency Pulse RC released the results of a poll placing Golden Dawn in 3rd place. See below. Also, don’t forget that there is a consistent additional 2% to 4% hidden vote for Golden Dawn that is revealed only at elections. Therefore if pollsters like Pulse RC are giving Golden Dawn 7.5% we can safely assume that Golden Dawns election result will be around 10% – 12% not bad considering the persecution they’ve been and continue to be subjected to. Furthermore, the flimsy, politically motivated prosecution of GD will further boost the popularity of GD amongst the Greek people once the trial gets started.

    ΣΥΡΙΖΑ 28,5%, ΝΔ 23,5%, Χρυσή Αυγή 7,5%, ΠΑΣΟΚ 7%, Το Ποτάμι 6,5%, ΚΚΕ 6%, Ανεξάρτητοι Έλληνες 3,5%.

  6. Bravo SYRIZA! … Greece needs a new change in Government as soon as possible and all the criminals from ND and PASOK must be arrested and put in jail ASAP.