Travel Blogger Conference Concludes in Athens

tbexTBEX (Travel Blog Exchange European Conference) has currently taken hold of Athens, Greece. TBEX is the world’s largest and most popular annual meeting of travel bloggers and professionals.

The event includes numerous meetings, seminars and presentations featuring renowned tourism experts from around the world. The program is packed with social events and activities which will take place in Athens, as well as other Greek regions. The Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau, in collaboration with the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency of the City of Athens, the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization, worked endlessly to organize the event, which opened on October 23 and is expected to conclude on October 25.

The welcoming party took place in Athens’s Technopolis. It was organized by ACVB in collaboration with Frontstage and Athinorama. It included art exhibitions, presentations of documentaries about Greek culture, tourism and history, Greek music, as well as Greek products and wine tastings.

On October 25, the shop owners of Pandrossou Street Market, in conjunction with the Athens Trade Association, will host a street party complete with food, drinks, music and art shows.

Journalists and bloggers had the chance to visit various locations around the city, share their experience with their readers and promote Athens as a tourist destination. TBEX also included trips to other Greek regions, organized by the City of Athens and the GNTO.


  1. A marvelous event indeed, more events’s like this one should be held. So that more creative minds and strategists can get together in one place and discuss new ideas and strategies regarding to the travel industry.

  2. Fantastic time at TBEX Athens! I’m staying longer in the area to get a chance to really explore the area.So inspired by the event and it couldn’t have been held in a better place. Athens has a new fan!


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