Minecraft Representation of Ancient Amphipolis [VIDEO]

amphipolis-minecraftPeople in Greece and across the globe are waiting patiently for tomorrow’s press conference at Casta Hill in regards to the archaeological excavations taking place at the Amphipolis tomb. Expectations are high, since tomorrow, October 28, at 6pm, press representative Anna Panagiotarea is scheduled to speak with reporters.

A month earlier, one of the most popular online games, Minecraft, uploaded a four-minute video where gamers can explore the ancient city of Amphipolis. The city’s representation was made using lego-like pieces and includes various districts and neighborhoods such as:

A residential district
A stables district
An agricultural warehouse district
A mine
A prison
A temple
An amphitheater
An arena
A statue of Athena in the city center
A central market
A port with naval and merchant ships
A bank
The city walls


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