Greek Football League: “We are West Africans, We are Not a Virus”

Το μήνυμα του Καμαρά

According to BBC, earlier this month, Sierra Leonean footballer John Kamara was allegedly denied training sessions with the club of Lamia, following fears of the Ebola virus epidemic.

After what was believed to be a misunderstanding, the 24-year-old striker started the game against Larisa for matchday 3 of the Greek Football League’s 2nd division and it was through a beautiful assist of his that Andreas Vasilogiannis scored Lamia’s first and only goal of the match.

In protest of the widespread fear around the world towards West Africans, John Kamara decided to pull up his jersey to reveal the message: “We are West Africans, We are Not a Virus”.

In addition, he added the flags of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to show his support to his fellow West-Africans that play in the Greek League’s lower categories and who have also been treated foully from the mass.


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