Inside the Amphipolis Tomb: First Ever Video Released


The first ever video footage showing the interior of the Amphipolis tomb and excavation site was released earlier today by the Greek Culture Ministry. The 2’.10’’ long video – from which many hours of intermediate excavation process have been removed – reveals impressive details on the disclosure of the tomb’s mosaic and as the Ministry’s press release notes, the footage is raw with natural sound.

In the footage, an archaeologist is removing fallen limestones from the tomb’s third chamber and proceeding with the mosaic’s conservation. Watch the video below:

In addition, the Gree has released more photos from the site, showing parts of the Sphinxes’ wings, while the discovered sections permit full recovery of the impressive caryatids “guarding” the tomb’s entrance. A relevant draft, elaborated by the Ministry’s associating architect Michalis Lefantzis, was also presented today for the first time. It gives a clear idea of the two Sphinxes’ original shape.

In addition, Greek authorities released more photos from the site, showing parts of the Sphinxes wings, while the sections permit full recovery of the impressive “guarding” the Ancient Greek tomb’s entrance. A relevant draft, elaborated by the associating architect, Michalis Lefantzis, was also presented today for the first time (see it below).



  1. This is the study of our culture and history. If scientists can use what they find to carbon date and translate writings, large gaps in the historical time line can be completed. Due to prior plunderings, it is very unlikely a body will be found.

  2. Have they found a body? To answer your question in general terms; yes and no. Yes it is a grave (when and if proven) but No as it reveals invaluable information during a critical time in the history and culture of Western Civilization.

  3. It’s all speculation.
    Myself, yes it is fascinating, but also yes, it is desecration of a grave, and sort of sick.

  4. Digging someone’s grave is disrespectful. Whatever the reasons for starting the excavation (maybe it became known to public), every tiny detail should be made public now since it has historical significance.

  5. As regards every bodies comments about the desicration of the Amphipolis Tomb! Just think about other tombs that have been found, excavated, and studied over the centuries that have given us vital information and knowledge, the Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids being two that come to mind. We are drawn to areas like this thats why many go to visit burial chamber sites and large monuments like Stonehenge.Accordingly the tomb was robbed during the war by British soldiers so maybe there are no more bodies left to be discovered but the tomb it, s self is worth studying. I, d love to visit it one day as Im sure many others would love to see it, s splendour.


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