Greek Wine Production Shows Significant Decrease

Greek-wineWine is one of Greece’s main products. 2014, however, was not a good year for Greek vineyards as, according to the Greek Wine Federation, production decreased by 15%. In contrast to the significant production decrease, the prices of grapes used for winemaking went up.

The heavy rainfall during the flowering period did not allow farmers to correctly bind their vines, while humidity, low temperatures and rainfall in September caused major problems in wine production.

According to the Federation, it was estimated that the region of Thrace and Drama suffered a 10% decrease in production. Meanwhile, production rate fell by 20% in Attica compared to last year. Several winemakers from other regions were interested in buying grapes from Attica, therefore winemakers in the area fought to make ends meet. Furthermore, the areas of Boeotia and Euboea also showed a significant decrease of around 30% in regards to wine production.

The Greek island of Samos appears to be the lucky exception, justifying its worldwide reputation. It was estimated that the island’s wine production in 2014 was greater than the previous year, but most importantly, this year’s wine is expected to also be of better quality.