‘Athens. The Spirit of the ’60s: A Changing Capital’ Exhibition

modern athens

Hellenic American Union with the cooperation of the Hellenic American College presents an exhibition on the architectural boom of Athens in the 1960s. The exhibition will take place at the Kennedy Gallery of the Hellenic American Union from November 3 until December 13.

The subject matter of the exhibition “Athens. The Spirit of the ’60s: A changing capital” is the modern Athens that was built during the economic boom of the 1960s. The exhibition features photographs from private and public archives, postcards of the metropolis, magazines of that era and other materials. Photographs of emblematic buildings, such as the Athens Hilton Hotel, are prominent. Emphasis is given on the social changes that took place between the late 1950s and the onset of the military junta in 1967.

Author and journalist Nikos Vatopoulos who curated the exhibition says he wanted to capture the aura of the ’60s in a city that was changing rapidly and was full of contradictions. He also aims to present the social, political, economic, cultural and psychological parameters that contributed to the birth of this modern metropolis. Tourism, consumerism and the new social mores are also viewed as important contributing factors in the birth of modern Athens.

Vatopoulos says the visitor should also try to see how Athens progressed from the 1960s to what it is today, viewing the continuity of the capital of Greece.

On Friday, November 21, there will be a talk by Nikos Vatopoulos entitled “Athens during the 1960s” at the Hellenic American Union Theater. Also, a guided tour of the exhibition will take place on Friday, December 5.