Eight Square Meter Vault and Marble Door Found in Amphipolis Tomb

amfipoli4_473_355In an effort to reach the fourth chamber in the Amphipolis tomb, the excavation crew reached an 8.4 square meter vault and found an almost intact marble door weighing 1.5 tons.

According to an official announcement by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the removal of the backfilling earth from the fourth chamber exposed a vault dug on the natural slate floor. The vault has a surface of 4X2.10 meters and its floor is sealed with limestone. In addition, a marble door that belongs to the third chamber with dimensions 2X0.90X0.15 meters, weighing 1.5 tons, was found with only a small part missing.

Parts of the limestone remain intact and are connected to the side walls. On the west part of the floor, there is an incline caused by the floor caving in. On the east part, the limestone is in place. The stones from the west wall will be removed to facilitate supporting and bracing works.

The report describes the vault as filled with soil, like the rest of the monument, and the removal of soil has led to a depth of 1.40 meters so far and it looks like it goes much deeper. The second door was found inside the soil. The removal of soil is continuing uninterrupted.

Meanwhile, sensors that measure distortion have been put in order to measure the sturdiness of the supporting mechanisms during excavation and supporting works. Support beams have been placed on walls, as well as on the domes of the second and third chamber.


  1. from everything I am seeing, I am truly amazed at the level of precision, detail and art in this tomb. Amazing what they could accomplish. Truly amazing.

  2. Studies of reincarnation and the earlier past lives of people connected with the Amphipolis Tomb need to be carried out. If reincarnation past life studies of the site were done, it might be possible to obtain a detailed history of people and their lives and times. Psychic Mediums who can read the Akashic Record of time and events might be consulted to give readings on events in the history of the tomb.

  3. Quite true, if you have studied Spiritualism, Psychical Research and Mysticism. Do you know any of your earlier, past lives, and have reincarnation memories? If you don’t understand these, you could go to a trained, Hypnotherapist and ask to be age-regressed into one or more of your earlier past lifetimes, which can go back in time millennia. I can remember parts of two hundred or more past lives, over the last one million years. These memories appear as psychic impressions, which are genuine psychic phenomenon. It’s not a fool proof method, though it does give some reincarnation information. It might have value in Archaeology.


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