Greek Communist Party Anti-Austerity Rally a Success

Greek Communist Party Anti-Austerity Rally a SuccessThe protest rally of the Greek Communist Party labor organization PAME was deemed a success as the organizers claim that an estimated 20,000 people filled Syntagma Square in Athens, Greece, on Saturday noon.

The organizers said that demonstrators wanted to send the message that “workers and the unemployed refuse to live on bread crumbs, and that they are determined to claim their rights and fight, as they prepare for the general, nationwide strike on November 27.”

PAME demands a 751-euro minimum monthly salary, 600 euros unemployment benefit, the return of Christmas, Easter and summer bonuses, and the abolition of the single property tax (ENFIA) as well as other extra taxes that eat up family the income.

Greek Communist Party (KKE) leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas said in his address to the crowd gathered at Syntagma Square that “resistance, struggle and popular alliance is the solution for stable and permanent jobs for all, as well as the elimination of tax-robbery and recovery of the recent years’ losses”.

He called people to “turn their backs to those who allegedly promise new governmental solutions and to the new messiahs who will send Greece to a new antisocial downhill.”

Koutsoumbas noted that they will meet again on November 27 at the nationwide strike and called for “the organization of the working classes’ struggle in order to open the way for the people’s interest and the country’s future.”

The rally ended peacefully. Police forces had a discreet presence and the Syntagma Square subway station remained open throughout the rally.


  1. Folks this is not the KKE of your parents and certainly not your grandparents. Now it’s all about marches, waving flags the occasional work stoppage and rallies with the typical “grandiose” speeches given by the same individuals. Not much else worth mentioning.

  2. 20,000 people are not a success and do not represent the majority in a country of 10 million. Everybody in Greece knows what PAME is: the criminal trade union that was blocking tourist ships in Piraeus some years ago. These trade unions are a damnation for modern Greece.
    As for the Communist party… well. Their 6% in the last elections tells Greeks are fed up of silly pseudo-Communists as well.


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