Turkey Provokes Greece and Cyprus Over Aegean Sea Rights

erdogan_CyprusA meeting of the Turkish national security council took place, lasting more than ten hours, while Turkey continues to provoke Greece and Cyprus over rights in the Aegean Sea.

According to a report by newsit.gr, during the meeting of the Turkish national security council, Turkish officials discussed the latest developments in the Middle East, the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean. They discussed the issue of the advancing Islamic State, the situation in Syria and Kurdistan and the possible threats for the security of Turkey.

They also discussed the situation in the Aegean Sea and developments in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus. They decided that from now on they will show determination over issues concerning Turkish rights in the Aegean Sea and protection of those rights inside Turkish waters. Also, they claim that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has given them the rights to secure Turkish interests in TRNC waters, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the presence of Turkish ship Barbaros continues to provoke by remaining inside the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone and is accompanied by a Turkish submarine, much to Greece’s and Cyprus’ disaffection.

Analysts say, that Barbaros is Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s way of answering to the alliance between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt over the EEZ.

According to the report citing Turkish newspapers, television reports and websites, the meeting of the Turkish national security council lasted a record ten hours and twenty minutes, with Turkish officials trying to come to a satisfying conclusion. Turkish media say that the previous longest national security council meeting lasted nine hours, and it took place on February 28, 1997.


  1. America has created a monster in Asia minor that threatens the peace in the area.And Turkey is not even a friend of the west.Turkey is the enemy within.