EU Commissioners Optimistic Over Greece’s Next Day


European Union Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, stated today that Greece’s growth rates gives hopes for the country’s future: “We will have a first discussion in the Eurogroup on Thursday, while decisions will be taken on December 8” he said when asked to comment on the next steps that need to be taken after the country’s exit from its bailout program.

Mr. Moscovici explained that talks with the Greek government are continuous in order to “evaluate the reform program in Greece, which has made great efforts in recent years and should continue its reforms.” The European Commissioner also said that he is aware of the developments over the Greek government’s demands, which were expressed recently by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. He underlined that they will be considered in the form of a package with the stated desire to maintain the integrity of the Eurozone and help Greece reform and exit the program in a coordinated way.

In addition, Mr. Moscovici reiterated his commitment to make his first official bilateral visit to Greece, which as he revealed, is planned to take place before December 8. Apart from the EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner, Vice President for Jobs, Growth, Investments and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen, also expressed his intention to make an official visit to Athens, as he declared himself pleased by the country’s return to growth. “Although we know the Greek citizen does not welcome it, because the situation presents many challenges. But the fact that growth returns with rates above the Eurozone average gives hope and shows that reforms are beginning to bear fruit,” Mr. Katainen concluded.


  1. Ha, what a joke these EU Commission Dictators are! Who voted for them? No one because they were appointed like the old Polit-bureau was in “Soviet” Russian times.