Head of Amphipolis Dig: Excavation Conducted at Optimum

Katerina Peristeri“The excavation is conducted in the best scientific way,” the head of the archaeological excavation at Kasta Tomb in Amphipolis Katerina Peristeri said on Tuesday responding to recent reports regarding the excavation procedure at Kasta Tomb.

According to a Culture Ministry announcement, Peristeri on behalf of all the excavation groups made the following statement: “Some of those that frequently appear in the media and express an opinion on our group’s work, are neither archaeologists nor have ever taken part in an excavation similar to ours or, as far as we know, have ever participated in an excavation. It is at least unscientific for someone to express an opinion from an office not only for the subject of the research that he has never been involved in but as well as for an archaeological site that he has never visited.”

Peristeri clarified that the “excavation is carried out in the best scientific way, at the right time and according to the needs of the work and the findings. Whatever is said that we are being pressed is only sheer perversity. We are working based on the excavation layers from which the sandy soil is very carefully removed. We remove the soil with tape which is afterwards sifted. Whenever it is considered necessary, we use a shovel or a scoop for its removal. The soil over the floor’s mosaic was removed very carefully. The careful reading of the two-minute footage certifies the above, however the commentators’ superficiality outweighs.”

Peristeri concluded “it is sad that these non-archaeoligists appear constantly in the media only to make bitter comments on the way we work without saying a good word for the whole effort and the people’s struggle who work every day under difficult conditions in Kasta Tomb.”
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Bravo Katerina, stand your ground do not allow the amateurs and self-described/anointed experts affect your work. This is a once in a lifetime project that must be undertaken methodically and scientifically.

  2. It is unbelievable this Government of fraudsters use every chance to get their mugs in the News!

  3. I’ve been following this from the start and from what I’ve read and seen Katerina Peristeri and her team are doing an admirable job and staying true to the guiding principles and ethics of modern Archaeology. You simply can’t rush work like this. The Media is the same the world over, they can create a circus out of any story they’re covering to generate more viewers, hits on their websites, or sway public opinion left or right, and do little to serve the public’s need for factual, unbiased, information.


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