Prosecutor Calls for Legal Action Against School Sit-in Vandalism


Supreme Court prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani asked prosecutors around the country on Tuesday, to act to ensure that public schools are not damaged during sit-ins by students.

Over 500 secondary schools were closed on Monday due to student sit-ins, the number dropping to about 350 on Tuesday. However, since acts of vandalism took place in some occupied schools, Koutzamani called on prosecutors to take legal action against adults entering school grounds and causing damages.

The prosecutor also asked for action to be taken against parents if pupils engage in any kind of criminal activities during protests. Meanwhile, Minister of Education Andreas Loverdos announced that his ministry did not ask for the intervention of the public prosecutor.

Loverdos also said that school hours lost during sit-ins, will be replenished. During a television interview, the education minister said that the school hours will not be lost and that pupils will have to go to school some Saturdays to replenish days lost. If need be, Christmas holidays will be shortened and students may also miss the traditional spring-time five-day excursion.

He also stated that he is not against students expressing their dissatisfaction as long as they don’t miss classes. He admitted that school funding has dropped due to the economic crisis, but this does not justify the closing of schools by students.

On Sunday, an event was posted on Facebook under the title “Panhellenic Occupation, No to the new system.” The post invited 194,500 students to participate in sit-ins, of which 45,315 users replied “yes” and 6,501 replied “maybe.” Another Facebook page has been created informing students on the progress of the sit-ins.