Greek Education Minister to Ask for Volunteer Teachers

loverdosGreek Minister of Education Andreas Loverdos is considering asking for volunteer teachers to fill the 1,100 empty slots in Greece’s public schools, according to a report in Proto Thema newspaper.

Ministry officials claim that the shortage of teachers in several elementary schools and high schools is mainly due to lack of funds. Also, there are many teachers who go on retirement and some others who work in different positions in the public sector.

This is one of the reasons that students and teachers have occupied hundreds of schools protesting against the multiple problems of the Greek educational system.

The education minister is thinking of asking unemployed teachers to teach for free on a volunteer basis. As a reward, volunteer teachers will earn points that will help them be hired as full-time teachers in the future, says Ta Nea newspaper.

“There are still 1,100 empty slots for schools to have the bare minimum staff, we are not even talking about sufficiency. We cannot achieve sufficiency any more, there are no funds. And I cannot cover these 1,100 slots, since I have no funds. I am at an impasse and I’m thinking to call on those unemployed teachers. Ask them to work for free, ask them to volunteer. In return, they will earn points that will help them get hired when we do hirings,” Loverdos said.

Speaking to SKAI television, the education minister said, “If this is the only solution to fill the gaps in schools, then I will do it.” His statement prompted many comments in the Press.


  1. What monumental cheek. Usually it’s people and organizations that bribe governments. Now Greece has turned everything on its head and we now have a government that is bribing teachers with … points. Anyone taking up this offer will be like the indentured servants who worked as semi-slaves for seven years in the American Colonies between the 17th and 19th centuries. At least the indentured servants could look forward to a small farm or a trade at the end of his or her seven years. What is Loverdos offering? Potential employment. Disgraceful.

  2. Ahhhhhh, the joys of Socialism! Such Fairness! Such Equality! So much Compassion for teh Working Man! So much Social Justice!!!!!

    Work for Free: it’s OK because we’re Socialists!