Former Greek Financial Prosecutor Claims His Job Was Obstructed By Govt Officials

In an interview on Greek newspaper “Proto Thema,” and fifteen months after his resignation, former financial prosecutor Spyros Mouzakitis claimed that his work was obstructed by government officials. He further made special reference to the loans given to political parties when he was in charge of examining such cases that did not have any collateral.

He said that a law passed in January 2013 by then Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis, establishing the institution of a Prosecutor for Corruption Crimes, was a message to him and his colleague Grigoris Peponis, to suspend the open investigations on the grounds that they no longer came under their jurisdiction. “Put your pencils down, you are inappropriate for the job,” he was told by the Justice Minister.

Mousakitis pointed out that the cases they handled were then returned to the new financial prosecutors, two months after he and Peponis resigned and a transitional ordinance was passed.

Mouzakitis claimed that his job was obstructed when investigating several Greeks with accounts in a Swiss branch of HSBC that were included in the so-called “Lagarde List.” He claims he was in constant threat of disciplinary actions during his probe.

He further asserted that a draft law Former Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannou attempted to pass, tried to abolish their posts because of specific preliminary investigations they had opened and whose findings did not have government support. The case that caused the most displeasure was that on loans taken out by political parties, since many of these were given by banks without any kind of collateral.


  1. I believe him in every word he said and will say in the future 1000+%. Greek politicians are all corrupt one way or another and the truth is that they are the real cause for this country’s bankruptcy and no one else as they claim. There is no law in this country to punish these corrupt politicians and their parasites. Greek Constitution and laws are all for the bin. It is shame we have such politicians who cares only about themselves and how to get rich quick without any consideration to the poor people whom have and still suffering from their crimes. It is a shame that this country is lablled thee No 1 corrupt country in Europe.

  2. My question is WHY is
    this corrupt ND/PASOK government of criminals after manipulating our Justice
    System and looting our Banks still in power? Especially after ND & PASOK
    interfered with Justice– WHY are they not asked to leave the Judges alone and
    to give back the loan monies they never paid back to banks?? — Why have ND
    & PASOK not resigned after all this..?

    heard, the amount they owed was over 350 Million Euros they borrowed illegally
    from their Banker cronies. I list the following questions:

    How can Greece
    expect to get the economy back on track, with Greek Politicians
    “looting” our banks at their whim, and with Politicians enjoying
    “immunity from prosecution?”

    How can a society function when there are “no controls” on their
    Politicians here anymore?

    How can Politicians be allowed to take twist the Justice System and do and take
    whatever they want, without fear of the LAWS, which are meant “to be
    obeyed by All,” not just the poor Greek citizens…. It is horrific and
    sickening what goes on in Greece
    today, and most of it is not reported by the Press either, so it gets worse and
    worse —– What a DISGRACE!

  3. If he is forced to wear those very dark glasses, it would be highly unlikely that he would be able to pick up anything in a forensic investigation.