Turkish-Cypriots: EU Resolution Condemning Turkey Is Unacceptable


As “unacceptable” and “one sided” characterized the self-proclaimed Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish occupied northern part of Cyprus the European Parliament’s joint resolution that was passed on Thursday and condemned the ongoing Turkish violations in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In an announcement, the so-called Ministry assumed that the Turkish-Cypriot community should have the right of speech in the European Parliament, while at the same time stressed that the decisions taken by the European Union on the issue do not commit Turkey to take any actions.

Furthermore, they called the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, to return to negotiations with the Turkish-Cypriot side under the United Nations in order to find a solution to the island’s reunification.

The European Parliament’s joint resolution, apart from condemning the Turkish provocative position, demands from Ankara to withdraw its vessels from Block 3 of Cyprus’ EEZ. “The Turkish maritime surveys must be seen as both illegal and provocative” the resolution said, regarding Turkey’s decision to send seismic vessel ‘Barbaros” at the area, escorted by a Turkish Navy battleship, in order to conduct a hydrocarbons’ research. In addition, the European Parliament clarified that Cyprus has the full and sovereign right to explore and exploit the natural resources found within its EEZ. The joint resolution concluded demanding Ankara to withdraw its vessels operating in the area “immediately.”

Two days earlier, European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn called Turkey to respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus and its rights over its EEZ. Similarly, the European Green Party (EGP) also condemned Ankara’s violation of Cyprus’ sovereignty and called for ratification of the European Parliament resolution on Turkish actions creating tension in Cyprus’ EEZ.

“This resolution is a measured and appropriate response to this situation. It is clear that Turkey must act within international law. In beginning exploration for possible hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ EEZ, Turkey is being deliberately provocative and damaging its own interests in regards to European Union accession,” the EGP underlined.


  1. talking about Turkey joining the EU while that nation still occupies part of Cyprus is unnacceptable. That communication should be quietly but firmly communicated to the Turkish Government To do otherwise makes even more of a mockery of the concept of the EU as a democratic entity than it already is.

  2. Whether is being communicated or not the message is there good and clear.Turkey has been a candidade for over 20 years and is still out.There is not better communication than that.Apart of it’s illegal occupation of the north part of Cyprus Turkey’s aggressive behavior towards all her neighboring countries and her appalling human rights including the persecution of Christian minorities made Turkey totally incompatible to predominantly Christian and liberal Europe.