Thessaloniki Mayor Poses Naked in Support of Gay Pride


Statements that will be discussed made once again Thessaloniki Mayor Giannis Boutaris, who was photographed naked for a city’s magazine in support of the Gay Pride Parade. Talking to “Adore” magazine, Boutaris pointed out Thessaloniki’s prospects to become an open city, while underlined that it would be of great benefit for the city to host 50,000 gays in the next Gay Pride Parade.

“I am not saying that 600,000 people should come to our town. Even 50,000 would be good, because that is the proportion for a city like Thessaloniki. If we manage to attract 50.000 gays from across the Balkans, Middle East or anywhere else, this would be something big for the city,” the groundbreaking Mayor said, adding that “now we do not have more than 2,000 to 3,000 people coming over. If they increase to 50,000, it will be a major success.”

In the same interview, Boutaris estimated that Thessaloniki will never be an extremely open city, at least not in the foreseeable future, while he also commented on the Greek Church’s position regarding the halving issue of cremation, which is not allowed in Greece so far. In addition, he explained his intention to install information and road signs written in Jewish and Turkish language, while he commented on his fellow citizens’ conservatism and the city’s Christmas decoration during the previous mayor’s, Vasilis Papageorgopoulos, turn.