Greek Culture Min Sec Gen Mendoni: Amphipolis has a Wager to Win

Amphipolis_tafosThe Greek Culture Ministry is looking for the laboratory and the scientists that will be responsible for the processing of the genetic material found at the Kasta tomb in ancient Amphipolis, Greece, Culture Ministry Secretary General Lina Mendoni told ANA-MPA in an interview.

Some parts of the research, such as the excavation one (at least for now), have been almost concluded and others related to the geophysical survey are underway, she said. As far as the time needed to conclude the scientific research on the monument is concerned, this cannot be determined.

There are some things that can be done in a shorter period of time, Mendoni noted. “For example, the excavation that was conducted for three months was intensive because the ministry has provided the excavation team with the necessary support so as to complete it in a short period of time. From that point onwards, no one can rush things as far as study is concerned. Those things need to mature,” she said referring to the development at Amphipolis.

Referring to the processing of the genetic material she said: “The (Culture) minister said the scientists (responsible for this) would be Greek and I believe this is the right thing. Thank God, we have good human resources.” As to whether a DNA test would take place, Mendoni said this would be decided after consultations.

Amphipolis, however, has a wager to win. “It is an exceptionally good opportunity to consider a model of sustainable, moderate growth in the area, that will keep the natural environment intact and will enable residents and visitors to enjoy this unique and timeless cultural heritage,” Mendoni said.