Greece and Albania to Cooperate Over Books of Greek Minority


During an official visit to Tirana, Albania, Greek Education Minister Andreas Loverdos attended meetings with his Albanian counterpart Lindita Nikolla, Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durres and All Albania, as well as with the President of the Albanian Parliament, Νiko Pelesh. During his meeting with Nikolla, the Greek Minister discussed the possibility of a bilateral cooperation in writing books for the education of children of the country’s Greek minority. As they both declared, starting the “mixed textbook review committee” is of great importance, while they signed a cooperation protocol, clarifying the committee’s methodology.

“Acts constitute politics, not words. We came here as a delegation to cooperate and make decisions together. Excellent political framework exists between the governments of both countries and now we, as Education Ministers, specialize these very good relations to our subject,” Loverdos underlined regarding the planned bilateral cooperation.

“Especially in our field, we have an agreement in our cooperation that we must apply. Our universities, our structures in primary and secondary education, our research centers, our archives, our libraries and other areas in education between the two countries should come in closer contact to develop partnerships,” the Greek Minister added, concluding that the relevant discussion on the two countries’ cooperation in primary and secondary education levels will begin at another meeting scheduled to be held in Athens in early 2015.

On her behalf, the Albanian Minister said that she is honored to share with her Greek counterpart “an important moment of the intensification and the enrichment of the cooperation between Greece and Albania.” Regarding the Albanian migrants living in Greece, as well as the Greek community of Albania, Nikolla highlighted that they play the role of “bridges of friendship and cooperation between the two neighboring countries. In particular, the cooperation in the education and sports fields, widens and solidifies those friendship bridges.”

During his meeting with Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durres and All Albania, the Greek Minister was briefed on the work of the Greek Orthodox Church of Albania, while the Ministry’s delegation visited Anastaseos Church and the region of Argyrokastro, where they met with members of the city’s Greek community.


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