Measure for 100-Installment Tax Debt Settlements in Greek Government Gazette

Tax Debt Settlements
A decision of the General Secretary for Public Revenue Aikaterini Savvaidou allowing the settlement of debts to the public sector in up to 100 installments, was published in the Greek Government Gazette on Friday.

The decision calls for the mandatory inclusion in the measure of “the sum of certified overdue debts up to October 1, 2014, that have not been settled in a legal way by suspension of payment or facilitation or other legislative measures for the payment of debts by installments at the date of application.”

The debtor is also able to include debts that are in “administrative or judicial or legal suspension” or certified overdue debts up to October 1, 2014, for which a settlement for payment in installments has already been made and whose terms are being observed.

The changes relative to the previous decision are that it specifies that the debts to be included in the measure must not simply be certified but also overdue on October 1, thus excluding the Unified Property Tax (ENFIA) and the third installment of income tax.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. So what! The govt is playing a psychological game with the people attempting to show them that they can make the ridiculous tax easy to pay. So you accept to put this year’s tax on a 100 payment scheme that means that when next year’s tax comes you will have to put that on a 100 payments as well, and so on and so on for the coming years.
    In the end, your house will be indebted to the govt and when you can’t pay, your house belongs to the govt while the politicians continue to rob the people and the country!