Greek Mass Media Strike on Wednesday, Ahead of Thursday’s General Strike


Greek mass media will strike from 6:00 am on Wednesday until 6:00 am on Thursday, ahead of the general strike that has been scheduled by the country’s public and private sector unions (GSEE and ADEDY) for Thursday. The media strike is organized one day in advance of the nationwide strike, so that employees in the field can take part in the mobilization called by their unions. In addition to Wednesday’s strike, the Athens journalists’ union (ESIEA) has called for a three-hour work stoppage from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm on Thursday and a protest rally outside the union’s building in downtown Athens.

Thursday’s 24-hour nationwide strike is the 32nd since 2010 and the mobilization is in protest against the government’s austerity policies as well as the measures to be passed in the 2015 draft budget. The main protest rallies will start at 11:00 am from Klafthmonos square. The union of the Greek Communist Party (KKE), All Workers Front (PAME), has scheduled its own demonstration, with gathering spots in Kannigos, Karaiskaki, Vathis and Kotzia squares as well as Haftia area in downtown Athens.

“Mass and unified participation in the trade unions’ strike and rally on Thursday at 11:00 will be our answer to the dead-end and destructive policies that have squeezed wage earners dry,” GSEE announced, while ADEDY underlined that Thursday should mark the restart of a constant “varied and coordinated struggle to restore society and working people’s demands for wages that meet their needs, for permanent and stable work for all, for democracy and labor rights.”

Public transport staff will also join Thursday’s strike with work stoppages.


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