DIMAR Leader: Extension of the Memorandum Equals Continuation of Recession


In a written statement, Democratic Left (DIMAR) President Fotis Kouvelis criticized the Greek government for mishandling the Troika negotiations. The former coalition government partner warned that a possible extension of the Memorandum equals with the continuation of the recession in Greece.

“Extension of the Memorandum means extension of its policies, and traps the country into recession, increases unemployment and seriously wounds social cohesion,” Kouvelis wrote. Commenting on the failure of the talks held in Paris on Wednesday, DIMAR’s leader underlined that what took place in Paris and what is being prepared in Athens demonstrates how real is the narrative of the “success story” and the government bombasts on the end of the memoranda.

In a direct attack towards the Troika, the Greek politician characterized its stance during the negotiations as unacceptable and accused it for reproducing neoliberal fanaticism, while leading things to the extreme with its policy. Furthermore, Kouvelis underlined that the Troika undermines the cohesion between European partners and requested the government to clarify to the Troika representatives that the Greek people’s limits and strength have already been exhausted.

In addition, in a statement that followed Kouvelis’ meeting with the administration of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen (EEA), he highlighted that Troika’s persistence and ideological fanaticism leads to the society’s dissolution. Finally, Kouvelis repeated that the country’s debt handling needs national convergence and a common approach, while he underlined the importance of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in order to tackle unemployment.


  1. Greek nationalists and in particular the nationalists from the Golden Dawn movement, will NEVER FORGET the treason of the Democratic Left leader, and former Communist Fotis Kouvelis, who sent an open letter to the media as well as the Olympic Committee, asking for them to exclude Voula Papahristou from the 2012 Olympic Games, over a mere Twitter comment.
    This is the comment by Greek Olympian Voula Papahristou:
    “With so many African people living in Greece, mosquitoes of the West Nile [virus] are eating home-made food”.
    This disgusting old communist “Kouvelis”, gave no thoughts to the years of hard training this girl had endured to represent her nation at the Olympics, & helped shatter her dreams over a twitter comment.
    When Golden Dawn takes power this old communist devil Kouvelis, will pay for this callous treason. He will come to regret the day he destroyed this young patriotic girls dreams.