Greek Minister Against the Establishment of Islamic Studies Department

orfanos-apthGreek Minister of Macedonia and Thrace Georgios Orfanos stated that he is against the idea of establishing an Islamic Studies department at the Theological School of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.

During an event held at the Thessaloniki Metropolis, Orfanos claimed that the operation of such a department would not serve Greece or the Greek people.

“There is no room at the Theological School of Thessaloniki,” he said. The school’s goal is to teach the Greek Orthodox religion and it cannot be mixed with “something else,” according to Orfanos, who believes that the establishment of such a department would be a national issue.

“Such decisions should not be made unilaterally, but only after negotiations,” said the Minister, who believes that Greece should get something in return if plans to create the Islamic Studies department were to move forward.


  1. Why do we have an Islamic studies department in Greece? We do not have any interest to know about Islam nor it is important to our culture since we are all Christians and since Islamic nations do not have any christian studies department in their universities can’t see why we should have it here!!! There are plenty of these departments in Muslim nations where they can also practice their religion in proper mosques and not in shakes. Interested individuals can study in Muslim countries with easy access to materials related to their studies. We don’t have more room for more foreigners.