Greek FinMin: Gov’t Pursuing Talks until Final Agreement is Reached

The Greek government will pursue talks with the troika of the country’s lenders until a final agreement is reached, Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis told new Saturday newspaper “Agora” in its second issue of publication.

In statements published in Saturday’s newspaper, the Finance minister was quoted as saying, “The Greek government’s strategy is dialogue until a final agreement with its EU partners and creditors,” adding that an agreement may be within reach but time is running out.

“The country must not and cannot return to past practices and roll back into a new uncertainty,” Hardouvelis was quoted as saying, adding that the government “has adequately supported arguments and we are defending our positions on all issues.”

The Greek minister told the newspaper, “Progress has been made, there is agreement on most issues, and we are seeking to resolve the rest of the pending issues,” adding that “only through an agreement will we be able to plan a better future for the country, with fewer burdens and more options for all — that is our national target.”
(source: ana-mpa, agora)