Man Shoots Wife and Then Himself in Northern Greece

thessaloniki-robberyA man in Thessaloniki, northern Greece entered a flower shop earlier this morning and shot a woman twice. He then locked himself in the shop and refused to leave.

Initially Greek police thought that the man was attempting to commit a robbery, however, they later discovered that this was a family issue since the woman that he shot was his wife. The 50-year-old man entered the flower shop wearing a helmet and holding a rifle. He then shot his wife twice in the face and locked himself inside.

When police arrived on the scene they heard a gunshot from inside the shop. As it turned out the man had shot himself in the neck causing severe injury, in what appears as a suicide attempt. They found him in the shop basement were they arrested him. The 50-year-old man has now been transferred to a local hospital.

His wife was also transferred to the hospital in critical condition. It was determined that she suffered from two major wounds, one in the head and a second one in her left clavicle. She has been scheduled for surgery after which she will be transferred to the intensive care unit.