Greek Football Teams Could Be Banned from International Competitions


FIFA and UEFA sent a joint letter to the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO), warning that if the government’s proposed sports legislation proceeds, it will mean the end of Greek football teams’ presence in international competitions, underlining that such a proposal constitutes an unacceptable involvement of the state in football.

EPO has already expressed its disagreement over the draft legislation, highlighting that if the proposed changes are implemented, the organization’s independence would be put under threat. In fact, EPO was the one that brought the new sports law to the attention of FIFA and UEFA, who both agreed that a state involvement of such degree in football would consist a violation of the sport’s self-governance that the organizations are keen to defend.

With the threat of Greek teams’ exclusion from all levels of international competitions, EPO is now planning to pass the letter to Deputy Sports Minister Giannis Andrianos, while the two organizations are allegedly preparing to send their representatives to Greece in order to hold meetings with state officials on the matter.