Greek PM Samaras: I am not Going to Elections


“What elections? Are there any union elections? I don’t have anything, whatsoever…” With this answer Greece’s Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, replied today during the ruling New Democracy committee meeting, on reporters’ question on whether the Constitutional revision can move forward or whether it will be interrupted by national elections, insisting that no elections will be held in the foreseeable future.

Regarding the Constitutional revision, which was mainly on focus by Samaras, he said that if it does not go ahead now, the country will not have a new Constitution before 2021, adding that the initiative for the Constitutional revision ushers the country’s political life in new avenues and that this is not an ordinary revision but a major undertaking. The Greek Premier explained that the party’s proposal offers an even greater protection to the country’s citizens and their right to education, property and environment, while it will rationalize the operation of the three branches of power – Executive (government and police), Legislative (parliament) and Judicial (courts) – as well as the distinction between them.

Furthermore, Samaras said that the proposal, among others, reinstates the role of the President of the Hellenic Republic as a coordinator of the government system, enhances the role of the Parliament and the MPs, limits their privileges, consolidates the independence of Justice and provides for the establishment of a Constitutional Court. He also called all political forces, and particularly the main opposition, to cooperate in this national effort.

“Whoever attempts something of this sort will have a huge responsibility. Our proposal will result in a new Constitution within a maximum period of two-and-a-half years. The Greek people can judge for themselves,” he underlined, while he instructed his party’s committee to start collecting signatures, aiming to table the proposal in Parliament as early as Friday, in the midst of the draft budget debate. As he explained, this way,  all MPs will have a chance to see and judge the proposals for themselves and decide on whether to form a committee for the Constitutional revision.