Millions of Chinese Searching About Greece Online

chinese-greek-tourismAccording to a recent presentation by China’s largest online search engine, Baidu, 3 million Chinese have searched about Greece over the last year, while the same number is expected to reach 7 million next year.

Baidu has a total of 564 million online users and 5 billion searches on a daily basis. Baidu CEO Johnny Zhu announced that over the last year, 720,000 searches were recorded about Athens, 180,000 about Crete and an astonishing 2.4 million searches about the Greek island of Santorini. Meanwhile, the total number of searches about Greece is showing signs of a monthly increase.

As for China’s tourism market and the residents’ accessibility to the internet, Zhu noted that 42% of China’s population is connected to the internet and are familiar with the idea of searching and buying products and services online. This percentage is rising at an impressive annual rate, thus creating a unique opportunity for all companies that need to promote their products and services in the large online consumer market.

According to data calculations, 93.6% of Chinese people who travel, prefer to visit a country abroad. In total, their number exceeds 100 million. Some of their favorite destinations in Europe include Paris and London.