Terrorist Group Fires 54 AK-47 Bullets at Israeli Embassy in Athens

Israeli-Embassy-in-AthensFour men riding two motorcycles fired with AK-47 assault rifles at the Israeli Embassy in Athens early this morning.

It was 3:15 a.m. on Friday when two motorcycles drove by the embassy of Israel in Greece in the corner of Kifisias avenue and Sokou street in the Psychico suburb of northern Athens. When they came close, they fired at the embassy building with Ak-47 rifles. Then they fled the scene towards Galatsi.

The bullets caused minor damages in the building’s windows and walls. Police found 54 empty 7.62 mm shells from an AK-47.

Police and the Counter-Terrorism Unit have surrounded the area and are looking at security cameras from the embassy and nearby buildings for clues. They have also performed ballistic tests to determine if the guns were used in another attack or if it belongs to a terrorist group.

According to the ballistic test, the rifles were the same that fired 60 shots at the house of the German ambassador in Greece on December 30, 2013. Terrorist group “People’s Fighters” had claimed the attack. The same terrorist group was responsible for the attack against the New Democracy headquarters on Sygrou avenue and a car dealership in the northern suburb of Varimbobi.