SYRIZA and DIMAR Leaders’ Meeting Sparks Collaboration Rumors

tsipras_kouv_488_355 The meeting between SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras and Democratic Left (DIMAR) head Fotis Kouvelis sparked rumors that the two Greek opposition parties will collaborate in the snap general elections.

According to a report in Greek newspaper “Efimerida ton Syntakton,” talks on cooperation between the two parties are at an advanced stage and the two leaders work on speeding up procedures.

The two men believe that the Presidential elections will fail to elect a new President of the Hellenic Republic and that snap elections are almost certain for late January-early February, 2015.

DIMAR has 10 MPs who have openly expressed their decision to vote against Stavros Dimas for Greek President. After the end of the three ballots, it is possible that the party will announce the collaboration with SYRIZA and go to the general elections on the same ballot.

However, analysts say that nothing is confirmed yet because the two parties are considering the 50-parliament-seat bonus the first party receives.

According to the newspaper report, Kouvelis will be on the SYRIZA national ballot and after the general elections, SYRIZA, as the first party, will nominate him for President of the Hellenic Republic.

Meanwhile, DIMAR spokesman Christos Machairas said that there is no communication or plan between the two parties. He refuted the newspaper report by saying, “This is a science fiction script. The Democratic Left does things in the open, not under the table. The Democratic Left has decided that Greece needs a new government… Our strategy in the elections will be decided when the time comes,” and added that the party will go the elections as an autonomous unit.