Eurostat: -1.2% Inflation Rate in Greece

Euro in Greek flagDeflation slowed down in Greece last month according to annual Eurozone inflation rate figures released by Eurostat on Wednesday, which gave an annual rate of -1.2% for Greece in November 2014, from -1.8% in October.

Annual inflation throughout the Eurozone slowed to 0.3% in November, down from 0.4% in October, and annual inflation in the EU28 stood at 0.4% in November, down from 0.5% in October.

Countries experiencing deflation on an annual basis include Bulgaria (-1.9%), Greece (-1.2%), Spain (-0.5%) and Poland (-0.3%). The highest rates of annual inflation were in Romania and Austria (1.5%), followed by Finland (1.1%).

The rate of annual deflation has slowed down significantly in Greece compared to November 2013, when it stood at -2.9% against an EU average inflation of 1%.

(source: ana-mpa)