SYRIZA Spokesman Rules Out a Special Purpose Government


The possibility of forming a government of special purpose, which, among others, would conclude the ongoing negotiations between Greece and the Troika, ruled out the main opposition SYRIZA spokesman, Panos Skourletis, during an interview on Greek television. Skourletis highlighted that the Presidential candidate‘s name is of minor importance, as what matters most for the country is to be driven to snap elections for reasons of national interest.

The SYRIZA spokesman said that “we are not interested in a special purpose government, in special purpose governments, with sole purpose the continuation of the Memorandum policy. We are not interested in these proposals.”

Acknowledging that SYRIZA will also face difficulties when negotiating with the country’s lenders if it comes to power, Skourletis said that “for the first time since 2010 we will have a credible discussion with our partners as a government with a fresh popular mandate.”

It should be noted that the entire parliamentary group of SYRIZA voted against the election of Stavros Dimas as the next President of the Hellenic Republic and has repeatedly expressed its aim to lead Greece to snap elections, while currently all polls show it leading over ruling New Democracy. The last one gave SYRIZA a 3.6% lead.