George Papandreou to Launch New Political Party

papandreou-kozaniFormer Prime Minister George Papandreou announced yesterday that he will launch a new political party, referring to it as a “movement.”

Papandreou spoke at a gathering of PASOK members in Kozani. He said that after the results of Wednesday’s presidential ballot, there is a need for a new movement, a new party that will bring together the progressive forces of the center-left.

The former prime minister said that there is still time to elect president of the republic, but only if the current political powers want the good of Greece. Unfortunately for Greece, he said, they only care for the good of their parties. He also accused the coalition government of New Democracy and PASOK for failing to exit the bailout program that, as he said, should have happened by the end of 2011.

The former PASOK leader stressed the need for political consensus “in order to change things,” not to keep the current, stale political system; neither to re-distribute state offices. He said that right now there should be an emergency, all-party government that will make needed changes in the Constitution and renegotiate with the international creditors.

Papandreou outlined the new party mission to be:

– About progressive values, not the conservative pursuit of power

– A movement of truth, against irrationality

– A movement that will have a leading role in Greek politics

– A movement that will involve people, not elitists who play power games

– Independent and against the populism and demagogy of the Left and the Right

– Against corruption, state bribery, tax evasion

– Against rising statism of the Left and the Right

– Against neoliberalism and the social inequalities it brings


  1. In physiological terms ‘movement’ seems an appropriate name for Papandreou’s new party.