Greek PM Samaras to Take Legal Action Against Bribery Allegations in Presidential Vote

The Greek Prime Minister’s office announced on Friday night that Antonis Samaras would be taking legal action against Independent Greeks (ANEL) after its leader, Panos Kammenos, and MP Pavlos Chaikalis alleged that there was an attempt to bribe the latter so he would vote for the government’s Presidential candidate Stavros Dimas.

Giorgos Apostolopoulos, who appears to be a former Deutsche Bank executive and adviser to PASOK, has been called to testify before the prosecutor as a suspect in the alleged bribery of Chaikalis.

Meanwhile, Apostolopoulos issued a public statement, where he says that Chaikalis’ accusations are false. “I was surprised to see that the media are trying to involve me in political vendettas, instigated by fraudulent party interests,” he noted.

“I am willing to speak with justice authorities in order to bring the truth and reality to light. There is no need for cuts and edits,” he added, referring to the footage that allegedly incriminates him, which is currently at the prosecutor’s hands.

Furthermore, Greek news website ‘’ has released the full length video of Chaikalis and Apostolopoulos discussing at a hotel’s cafe in Athens. During the video, Apostolopoulos clearly makes references to the sum of 700,000 euros, as well as the Presidential election.

He told Chaikalis that he would be able to give him the money in cash but not the next day. “I will bring it to your feet,” he stated and then went on to say that he would launder the money in a bank account in Switzerland and then turn it into gold bars, after February when the situation in Greece would be calmer.