Bribery Case Decision Tomorrow, Greek MP Threatens to Counter-Sue Prime Minister

chaikThe prosecution will decide tomorrow whether Giorgos Apostopoulos attempted to bribe Independent Greeks (ANEL) MP Pavlos Chaikalis to vote in favor of the nominee in the Presidential election.

According to, prosecutors Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos and Isidoros Doghiakos have already reached a decision and they will not continue the investigation, such as searching into the Apostolopoulos-Chaikalis phone calls, like Chaikalis has asked.

Chaikalis gave a third deposition today and claimed he didn’t know Apostolopoulos was taping their conversations and that he intentionally hinted about money in order to record Apostolopoulos himself.

ANEL President Panos Kammenos also appeared at the prosecutor’s office today to give his deposition. When Kammenos was asked about his business relations with Apostolopoulos or about his character, Kammenos declined to comment. However, he told reporters that authorities are trying to cover up the bribery attempt.

Chaikalis’ lawyer Elena Tzouli – who is also Kammenos’ wife – said that Apostolopoulos’ phone records should be investigated to determine the person who offered the money. Otherwise, she said, that would be an obstruction of justice. She said she will take civil action for moral damage on the felony of attempted extortion committed by Apostolopoulos.

The prosecution also refuted the allegation that Chaikalis was urged by the prosecutor’s office to withhold the name of Apostolopoulos when he filed his complaint on December 12.

Coming out of the prosecutor’s office, Chaikalis told reporters that “if necessary, I will file a lawsuit against the Prime Minister for false accusations.”