Head of Greek Football Federation Resigns

Giorgos SarrisGreek football federation (EPO) President Giorgos Sarris resigned on Tuesday, during a meeting of the federation’s board.

Sarris had been under heavy criticism over his choice of Claudio Ranieri as the national team coach last summer, following Greece’s most successful World Cup campaign ever, when it came a missed penalty away from the quarterfinals.

Since then, Greece has lost all three home games in the Euro 2016, including a humiliating loss to the lowly Faroe Islands on November 14. After that loss, Sarris had said that blame on the choice of coach was exclusively his but added he had no intention to resign.

Speaking to a radio station Tuesday, Sarris said that the reason he had resigned had to do with blocked state funds to EPO after the federation was found owing back taxes. He said his resignation would unblock funds for amateur clubs.

Sarris added he did not want to get into politics, denying rumors that had him campaigning as a candidate for Greek main opposition SYRIZA in case of snap elections.

(source: ana-mpa)


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